Metal Finishes

Metal Finishes

Williamstown Metal Merchants offer an extensive range of metal finishes.

Steel Sheet

Hot rolled: the most commonly used steel sheet. Hot rolled sheet has mill scale which can be removed if needed. This sheet has a dark grey appearance

Cold rolled: does not have the mill scale. It has a semi-bright finish and it’s a bit of a lighter colour of grey.

Galvanized: steel sheet which has a galvanized coating. The Galvanized layer prevents the sheet from rusting.  It has a silvery grey colour.

Weathering Steel: Commonly known as Corten (Cor-ten). This sheet develops a rust like appearance once exposed to the weather. The steel is allowed to rust which develops a protective coating. There is no need to paint or coat it with any protective cover.

Zincalume: steel sheet with an aluminium & zinc coating. Used mostly for roofing, gutters and sheds.

Zincannealed: steel sheet with a zinc coating. Used commonly in truck and car panel works. It’s great for painting unlike galvanized or zincalume sheet

Colorbond (signwhite): zinc sheet with a white finish. Commonly used on truck bodies, whiteboards and in the sign writing industry. Also available in other colours.

Aluminium sheet

Mill finish: standard aluminium sheet which has a very light grey finish

Anodized: aluminium sheet can be anodized in various colours. The most common colour is natural, which is a clear anodizing. It gives the aluminium a silver matt finish and increases corrosion resistance.

Tread plate: comes in a mill finish and sometimes it is polished.

Propeller plate: comes highly polished. It has a very reflective finish.

Stainless sheet

2B A bright moderately reflective cold rolled finish. One of the most commonly used finishes

#4 A general purpose finish used mostly in kitchen equipment. It has a brushed finish and not so reflective

B.A Bright Annealed is a finish which is mirror like but not as much as the #8

#8 This stainless sheet is highly polished, this is a true mirror finish