We provide a very fast and efficient cutting service for all our materials in a very quick turn-around time, very often on the same day.

Guillotine: We have a 2500mm wide guillotine with a cutting capacity of up to 6mm thickness in steel and 10mm thickness in aluminium. We cut all sheet metal and can organize larger sheets to be cut if required. Heavy duty aluminium plate (12mm – 50mm) is cut by saw to size and thick stainless steel plate can be ordered to size.

Brobo Cold Saw: Our Brobo Cold Saw has a cutting capacity of 120mm. We cut bar, angle, channel and tube on the Brobo leaving a cleaner finish with minimum burrs. The cool cutting oil prevents the metals from heating up ensuring the quality and strength of the metal.

Power Hack Saw: Our larger saw has a cutting capacity of 300mm. This saw is commonly used for larger universal columns and beams as well as large pipe, round and square bars.

Laser cutting

At Williamstown Metals we can happily arrange for all types of laser cutting to be cut with our trusted affiliate companies.

We organise to laser cut stainless steel, aluminium and steel to any shape you desire.  Laser cutting prides itself on its clean and smooth finish and can sometimes be a more suitable option than guillotining.



Pedestal Drill: Our drill has a drilling capacity of up to 25mm. We drill all metals from light angle and thick plate to square tubes. If you require larger hole sizes this can easily be arranged.


Pan Break Folder: Our folding machine has a folding capacity of up to 2mm in steel and stainless steel and 6mm in aluminium. It folds sheet metal up to 2400mm long but if you require larger or thicker sheets to be folded, we can arrange that for you.

We can make almost any item such as channels, stainless steel bench tops, kitchen flues for range hoods, flashings and brackets.



Any welding you need from simple jobs to the more intricate can be made to order. We arrange welding for steel, aluminium or stainless steel.

Design projects

One of our favourite parts of working in metal is helping people with designing and manufacturing their dream creations. We love to answer questions and give ideas and advice about the various options for materials and methods when creating a single item or multiple items. We look forward to assisting you in any area of your project.

Please feel free to call or email us with any queries about our products or services and prices. We have an easy and accessible PDF of our products which can be downloaded for your convenience.