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Brass Round and Square Tube

steel square rectangle tube steel round tube

Brass metal is widely used in decorative, mechanical and architectural applications. Brass, which is an alloy metal made of copper and zinc, is a great choice for applications requiring low friction, such as fittings and tools, as well as products designed for visual appeal.

Brass Solid Bar, Round, Square and Hex

brass copper solid bar

Brass round bar is commonly used in electrical application, high strength tooling material and ornamental decoration. It is commonly used for gears, lock components and pinions. It has a moderately high strength and can be used for drilling and tapping operations. We stock brass bar in 3.6 metre lengths and can cut to size.

Brass Angle and Flat Bar

steel angle bar steel flat square bar

Brass angle and flat bar is commonly used in architectural trimmings and by hobbyists. It’s available in 3.6 meter lengths. Brass can be used where high corrosion, resistant alloys and electrical conductivity is required. We stock sizes ranging from 12.7mm to 50.8mm.

Copper Sheet

steel sheet

Copper sheet is often used for kick panels for the front door at your home or office, backsplashes behind an oven or stove or a unique surface for your table top or bar. The sheets come in 1800mm x 900mm and in thicknesses of 0.7mm – 3mm. Brass sheet is commonly used for door hardware, tooling, furniture, nuts, gears and small hardware. These sheets are 1800mm x 900mm and thicknesses of 0.8mm-10mm.

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